Where to have a rest on Transcarpathia in winter

In winter, a large number of tourists try to get to Transcarpathia. This region seems to be specially created for an exciting holiday. There are ski resorts, and healing mineral springs, and a lot of all kinds of entertainment.

Description of the area

The beauty of the local nature and the abundance of sights make a stay in the Carpathians one of the most wonderful memories for any traveler. In the cold season, the region is covered with a unique charm.

Superbly equipped sports facilities are surrounded by white-covered fir and pine trees. The best slopes and ski resorts. And cozy cafes and restaurants provide the city dweller with everything he usually dreams of, sitting in a boring office.

Rest in Transcarpathia includes :

  • a large number of educational tours;
  • the splendor of local cuisine;
  • mountain hikes;
  • unity with nature;
  • acquaintance with historical and cultural values;
  • excellent tracks;
  • therapeutic bathing in the Carpathian vats;
  • various ways of active pastime;
  • romantic atmosphere;
  • extreme entertainment, etc.

It is necessary to come here in winter because at this time of the year the Carpathians stagger the imagination. The majestic mountains and the hospitality of the locals will make you fall in love with this wonderful land forever. And luxurious attractions and functional ski resorts will make the affection eternal.

The approach of winter drives some people into boredom and blues. Only New Year and Christmas holidays can revive the mood. Naturally, most want to celebrate them on a grand scale by going to a ski resort.

Advantages of rest in Transcarpathia

Many Ukrainians have long understood that they manage to relax much better in their own country than abroad. Excellent infrastructure, well-maintained sports facilities and the hospitality of the locals make it an ideal option for a family trip.

Active recreation in Transcarpathia includes skiing, sledding, snowboarding and other activities that are just waiting for those who are not afraid to challenge them. A rare combination of wild nature and an explosion of unprecedented emotions will make a winter holiday here truly wonderful. And after a day full of new impressions, you must definitely sit in a hut or go through a wellness procedure that lifts your spirit and immunity.

Tourists should also be sure to familiarize themselves with the historical features of the region.

The main benefits of staying here are:

  1. Close to the best attractions.
  2. Introduction to the history and culture of the region.
  3. Well designed tour programs.
  4. Beauty of nature.
  5. Wellness procedures.
  6. Excellent cuisine.
  7. Offers tastings of local farmers' products.
  8. Variety of entertainment.
  9. Silence and peace.
  10. Developed infrastructure.
  11. Moderate cost.
  12. A wide variety of accommodation options.
  13. Unique location.
  14. The cleanest air with the aroma of coniferous trees, etc.

Ski resorts of the region

Those who have not yet decided where to relax in Transcarpathia should take a closer look at its best ski resorts. A variety of sports complexes invite vacationers, providing them with their magnificent tracks.

There is no need to think that such a seemingly difficult sport is available only to professionals. Beginners are easily able to master it on simple slopes, and then gradually improve their skills with the help of instructors and trainers in the schools operating here.

Ski holidays in the Carpathians are great. You should rest here, if only because staying in the region will become a truly unforgettable memory for many.

In winter, the nature of the region turns into a fairy tale. Active recreation, interesting places in Transcarpathia , snow-covered mountains and the romantic atmosphere reigning here will give you great feelings and make you take a fresh look at the world.

Active holidays in the region

Ski tours will give tourists incomparable pleasure.

Travelers are invited by sports complexes:

  • Izky;
  • Krasia;
  • Pylypets;
  • Rakhiv;
  • Bruise, etc.


The ski resort has a favorable geographical location, which allows extending the sports season from December to April.

The slopes are well equipped, regularly treated with special equipment and provided with everything that is required for safe skiing.

Krasiya has 11 ski and 1 toboggan runs up to 3 km long, over 300 m wide and with drops up to 300 m. According to the level of difficulty, they are divided into 4 blue and green, as well as 3 red ones.


Winter holidays in Transcarpathia in the ski resort "Sinyak" will not let you get bored . There is an excellent groomed slope about 1 km long with a height difference of over 200 m. It is more suitable for experienced skiers. For beginners, there is another route 400 m long with a drop of 50 m.

Both slopes are very comfortable and not too difficult. Each of them is under constant supervision of the staff of the GLC, so any defect in the cover is immediately eliminated.


The ski resort boasts 8 runs of varying degrees of difficulty up to 2 km long.

First of all, experienced and sophisticated athletes will enjoy here, but beginners will also find something to learn here.


The resort has light and medium-class slopes that operate all winter until March . Therefore, there is always a large influx of tourists.

The slopes are constantly processed by special equipment. Therefore, it is comfortable here for both masters and beginners.

Those who have already tried all the delights of the complex should increase the level. It is enough just to drive a short distance to the neighboring Pylypets and Podobovets.

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